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Carol Brookes started racing karts in 1996. After a few months as Pit Boss for her husband Michael, who just started racing himself a few months before, Carol thought she would like to try. Carol was always the first one in line at the U Rent Em concession kart tracks, so now was her time to let the guys know that Kart Racing is not "Just a Guy Thing". She started in the Senior 4 cycle class, which used a Briggs & Stratton motor similar to the ones on a roto-tiller. These motors have been modified with Cams, Headers, Machine work, and run on Methanol. These motors will SCREAM with almost twice the horse power and twice the RPM as the stock 5 HP Briggs & Stratton. In 1997 and 1998 Carol finished 2nd both times in the local points series in Oklahoma City beating all but 1 of the guys. She also took the win in the OKC Grand Prix Trophy class before having an "Out of Kart" experience while making a move to the lead in the Pro class. In 1999 she finally took the local championship at the new Oklahoma Motorsports Complex in Norman Oklahoma. In the 2000 Carol moved right on up to become an 80cc shifter pilot. The plan was to take the year slowly and learn how to drive this newer style of kart that requires "SHIFTING". This was a completely new thing to her since she has never driven anything with gears. Well the "Take it Slowly" plan went into a higher gear than anticipated, when through dedication and consistency, Carol ended the year by beating all of the guys and taking the local 80cc Championship for 2000. Again in 2001 Carol won the 80cc Shifter Championship at the local track in Norman Oklahoma. In 2002 She has stepped it up and won the Regional Series Championship in IKF, won the local Championship at Oklahoma Motorsports Complex, and also became the Arkansas State Champion. WOW, what a year. 




1996 2nd place OKC Local Points Series Sr. 4 cycle medium

1997 2nd place OKC Local Points Series Sr. 4 cycle medium

1998 2nd place OKC Local Points Series Sr. 4 cycle medium

1998 1st place Oklahoma City Grand Prix Sr. 4 cycle medium

1999 OMC Local Champion Sr. 4 cycle medium

2000 OMC Local Champion 80cc Shifter

2001 OMC Local Champion 80cc Shifter

2002 OMC Local Champion 80cc Shifter

2002 IKF Regional Champion 80cc Shifter

2002 Arkansas State Champion 80cc Shifter